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Our focus is to invest in you and help you live your dreams.

This coaching journey is intended to help you discover the life you truly desire and how to achieve it.

We specialize in helping people develop the life they want to live!

If you are feeling like it’s time to put more intentionality into your life, you have come to the right place.

I’ve experienced being coached by multiple professionals throughout my career, and I can honestly say that this process works. The most influential time periods in my life included the right coach at the right time. We would be happy to help you decipher your next steps!

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We will help you achieve your desired outcomes!

Establish Clear Expectations

In our consultation we will intentionally discuss what you truly desire and establish a plan together that will help you obtain your objectives.

Honor Time

Time is one of the few resources that we are unable to ever get back. Therefore we believe in mutual respect of a person's time and resources.

Join You Where You Are

We genuinely care about people’s journeys, and believe in authentic relationships. Conversing with integrity through honest, transparent conversation is a high priority.

Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

This coaching journey is intended to help you discover what you truly desire and how to achieve it!


We believe that everyone has the opportunity to experience life more fully!

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"Working with Amy is a breath of fresh air! She is authentic, relaxed, and really good at meeting you where you're at to help you move forward. I’m grateful for the conversations I've shared with her to grow in my leadership capacity."

- Amanda, Entrepreneur based in Michigan


Meet Amy Vander Kamp
Also known as 'Ayce'

Founder, National Executive Leader, Freelance Musician and Entrepreneur

My coaching journey started in 2013 when I found myself deeply desiring to grow in my career development. I began in a profession that I was passionate about, but that passion was quickly fading into burn out. Through personal coaching my life was transformed! I ended up completing my coaching certificate and landing a position coaching leaders throughout the nation.

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There Is No Need To Do This Alone!

If you can feel your lifeforce slowly draining, and you need some guidance, we would be honored to join you!


Please, fill out the inquiry form to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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